Alina Avanesyan
Among the redwoods -- Muir Woods


As a Genetics Instructor at Grand View University I taught an upper-level Genetics laboratory course for biotechnology majors during 2016-2017 academic year. This course included several labs during which my students conducted experiments, practiced their pipetting skills, wrote lab reports and made presentations. I trained my students in various molecular biology techniques: human chromosome spread, bacterial conjugation, complementation test in yeast; DNA extraction, PCR, agarose gel electrophoresis, restriction digest analysis; sequence analysis, etc. Almost each lab included a group project.

In addition to their current lab work, during a semester each student group participated in maintaining Drosophila melanogaster colony, conducted collection of virgin females, sorted males and females, performed genetic crosses using wild flies and two mutant lines (white and apterous), and determined phenotypic/genotypic ratios for F1 and F2 offsprings.

Topics covered

  • Lab # 1: DNA necklace (Introduction to DNA)
  • Lab # 2: Genetics of Drosophila
  • Lab # 3: Genetics of Corn, dihybrid crosses
  • Lab # 4: Human chromosome spread
  • Lab # 5: Meiosis with beads
  • Lab # 6: Complementation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Lab # 7: Bacterial conjugation
  • Lab # 8: Pipetting exercise
  • Lab # 9: Restriction mapping
  • Lab # 10: PCR (Using a single nucleotide polymorphism to predict bitter tasting ability)
  • Lab # 11: Bioinformatics

Selected lab slides (introduction to a topic)

Genetics of Drosophila
Mendelian Inheritance in Corn
Meiosis with beads
Restriction enzyme mapping

Selected worksheets, quizzes, and notes