Alina Avanesyan
Among the redwoods -- Muir Woods

Planting Science

As a PlantingScience fellow, during summer/fall 2017 I participated in the PlantingScience program (Botanical Society of America; Digging Deeper project). I was an online scientist mentor and liaison for student research teams (high school and middle school students).

This is my first year with the PlantingScience program. I really enjoyed our summer workshop in Colorado Springs and meeting with biology teachers from around the country, as well as our wonderful trip to the Garden of the Gods. Last Fall, I was a scientist mentor for nine research teams and a liaison for a biology teacher and three research teams in her class. The student teams which I mentored, focused on The Power of Sunlight module and conducted their independent research projects on plant photosynthesis and respiration.

This Spring I’ve been busy with my new postdoctoral position at Maryland and developing my new projects – so I had to take a break from my online mentoring this semester. However, I’m looking forward to continuing being a part of this interesting program next Fall!

Digging Deeper Summer Professional Development
July 23-27, 2017. Colorado Springs, CO.
A wonderful field trip to the Garden of the Gods. July 26, 2017. Colorado Springs, CO.